6:00pm 6:00pm

An audience with Dr Brenda Davies - Questions of Spirituality and Health

This is an opportunity for you to come along and bring questions about your symptoms, your health, healing, spirituality and life in general. Brenda will happily share her thoughts and philosophy with you and prepare life charts for those who wish to work with her within the group setting.

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9:30am 9:30am

Yachad Student Conference

Yachad are very excited to invite you to our seventh Student Conference!


Led and organised by Yachad Youth, the 2017 Yachad Student Conference is an amazing opportunity to hear from and debate with experts, connect and discuss with Jewish students from across the UK and shape the future of the pro-Israel, pro-peace movement in the UK.

The conference is completely free, and includes lunch and refreshments.

Join expert panellists discussing ‘Antisemitism and anti-Zionism on campus, online and elsewhere’ and ‘What happened to the peace process and where is it going?’ (speakers TBA). There will also be optional breakout sessions, campaigns training and campus networking.

Booking is essential. Please email or message Amos Yachad on Facebook if you have any questions or there is anything we can do to make it easier for you to attend

Note: this event is for current UK university students only

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to Dec 10

Holloway Art Lending Library

Promoting the work of local people, Holloway Art Library have a display at Resource for London of art work which can be loaned. The next lending session will be held from Friday 8th September to Sunday 110th September  between 10:00am - 4:00pm.

Click here for more information.

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9:00am 9:00am

Difficult, Disturbing & Dangerous Behaviour - Special Event

A "Fringe Theater" approach involving "live" critical encounters, visually and dramatically performed before the training group, allowing for a highly focused, evocative and collective experience.

To find out more and book your ticket please go to:

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to Sep 19

PECS Level 1 Training

The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) is used to teach communication skills to those with limited functional speech.  PECS promotes communication within a social context.  Training in PECS begins by teaching a spontaneous request and goes on to teach additional communicative functions.  An added attraction for preschool children with autism and related disabilities is the high proportion of children who acquire independent speech. Participants will learn how to implement the six phases of PECS, plus attributes, through presenter demonstrations, video examples and role-play opportunities.  Delegates will be able to use PECS with individuals with autism, related developmental disabilities, and/or limited communication skills.

To find out more please visit 

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9:00am 9:00am


With the current influx of communication devices and apps to the market how do we ensure that basic functional communication skills are maintained and taught right from the beginning? Speech Generating Devices (SGDs) were first introduced for people with motor difficulties like cerebral palsy and now these devices are being introduced to our learners with autism and other related communication difficulties. For these populations, language and cognition are often compromised and basic social and communication skills have not always been mastered prior to the introduction of a device. Because of this, the way we teach the use of SGDs needs to be specially tailored to the needs of each individual paying attention to devices capabilities vs. user capabilities.

This full-day workshop will describe procedures for analysing a learner's current PECS skills to determine candidacy for transitioning to a Speech Generating Device (SGD), choosing a device, and teaching functional use of the device, and why we must teach the basic principles of communication to our learner first to ensure positive outcomes are achieved

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to Dec 3

NCT Signature Antenatal Courses

NCT Signature antenatal courses are tailored to the needs of each group and designed for your birth partner to attend with you, so they can feel involved and know how to support you.  Almost 90% of people on our courses felt more confident about labour and birth and 80% felt more confident about baby feeding. With small groups you can meet other parents-to-be going through the same excitement and trepidation, share concerns and experiences and build friendships that can often last for years. There's a short video clip on the NCT website which tells you more:

Resource for London hosts these popular NCT courses for couples in N7 and you may enquire about dates and times of future courses from Belinda at

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to Nov 30

Fundraising Fair 29-30 November 2017

Fundraising Fair is an event packed with sessions giving you the skills and inspiration to make fundraising feel like less of an uphill struggle. We all know it can be a challenge to get the funds you really need to help your cause and your beneficiaries. That’s why we’ll be delivering training for fundraisers at all levels; so whether you are new to fundraising, an experienced professional or working at a senior level in fundraising, this event has a wide range of workshops designed for you.

If you would like to book a place please visit  


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