Dec 31

Holloway Art Lending Library

Promoting the work of local people, Holloway Art Library have a display at Resource for London of art work which can be loaned. The next lending session will be held from Friday 9th June to Sunday 11th June between 10:00am - 4:00pm.

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May 31

Directory of Social Change Training courses

Our charity training equips you with the latest techniques and practical guidance, giving you the confidence to get back to your work and make a real difference for those you're there for.

Business and Strategic Planning – 22 May


This course will show you how to create an effective business or strategic plan for your organisation. You’ll learn how to think strategically, beat common problems and lots of practical business planning techniques. Plus, how the plan can be used internally and externally.

Managing Volunteers - Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) endorsement available – 22-23 May


Charities are dependent on their volunteers. But how do you ensure you recruit the right ones, with the right skills, and then nurture them so they feel rewarded and stay? This complete course takes you every step through volunteer management, covering every aspect of the vital skills needed.

Crowd Funding for Charities – 24 May


Crowd funding has been one of the most successful new ways of making money for charities in recent times. Lots of organisations have raised funds for important projects, simply by asking people to invest online. How can you join them? This workshop will answer that question and many more, giving you the tools and techniques you need to harness this new form of fundraising.

Bringing out the best in your board without breaking them – 31 May (AM)


From determining what level of information to communicate and how to engage them in effective decision making – it will be you who can make or break your board. This half day seminar, led by DSC’s CEO, looks at common mistakes, how to manage personalities and how to keep operating at a strategic level.

Getting the paperwork perfect – 31 May (PM)


This seminar is going to talk you through how to get that virtual communication with your board right – from agendas to minutes, to reports to management accounts. This seminar will help solve a lot of whinges. The session will be led by DSC’s CEO Debra Allcock Tyler.

Jun 21

Directory of Social Change Training Courses

The Essentials of Individual Giving - Creating an Integrated Marketing Campaign – 1-2 June


This course will help you increase your individual donors, with an in-depth look at how to acquire, retain and develop donors through a range of popular communication channels.

Effective Fundraising Strategy – 6-7 June


This course, for those with some experience, will teach you all you need to know about how to plan, manage and maximise resources with a clear strategy. You’ll come away knowing which sources to look at for money, and where your organisation should go next with fundraising.

Managing for Managers 12-14 June


This comprehensive course shows you what management really means, how to go about it, how to improve, and how to make the best of your team. It tells you everything you need to know, and lots more that will add value and confidence to your management role.

Support and Supervision of Staff 1- 19 June


The course covers some of the key stumbling blocks for those new to people management, including defining your role, performance management and what to do when things are going wrong.

Report Writing Made Easy – 21 June


This informative course strips away the stress and the confusion, helping you to start again and build reports from the bottom up. You’ll learn how to structure a good report, then write it clearly, concisely and only including the most relevant points to aid good decision-making.

Dec 9

NCT Signature Antenatal Courses

NCT Signature antenatal courses are tailored to the needs of each group and designed for your birth partner to attend with you, so they can feel involved and know how to support you.  Almost 90% of people on our courses felt more confident about labour and birth and 80% felt more confident about baby feeding. With small groups you can meet other parents-to-be going through the same excitement and trepidation, share concerns and experiences and build friendships that can often last for years. There's a short video clip on the NCT website which tells you more: http://www.nct.org.uk/courses/antenatal/signature-antenatal-course

Resource for London hosts these popular NCT courses for couples in N7 and you may enquire about dates and times of future courses from Belinda at bookings5d@nct.org.uk.

Jun 29

Directory of Socail Change- Charityfair

We’ve refreshed and packed our programme with brand new content to address the latest trends and challenges you face. Take a look at the full Charityfair programme, with full details on each of the 18 Learning Labs, covering fundraising, governance, leadership & management and marketing.

Charityfair website page: https://www.dsc.org.uk/event/charityfair2017/

Charityfair pdf programme: https://www.dsc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Charityfair-2017-12-changed-for-online.pdf


An art exhibition
Jul 2

An art exhibition

An art exhibition showcasing the work of a single artist, who works with words in a variety of media including plastic, paint and stone (collages, paintings and stone carvings)



9:00 am09:00

Create Boulevards Holloway Mini-Charrette

You are invited to the Create Boulevards Holloway Road Community Charrette. 

Create Boulevards is a campaign to promote the beautification and intensification of London’s arterial roads with community and stakeholder involvement at its heart.

The Holloway Road Charrette will focus on the section between the Odeon and Holloway Road tube station. The day event will be an opportunity to share local knowledge and participate in workshops, walkabouts and hands-on planning groups to discuss key issues and help shape a Vision for Holloway Road . 

The resulting Vision for Holloway Roadwill be displayed as part of the Create Boulevards exhibition at London Festival of Architecture in June to show off the potential of London’s arterial roads to become beautified, lived-in and loved places.


9:00 am09:00

Involving Users in Developing Health Information

PIF is delighted to be holding an event on Involving Users in Developing Health Information, on Wednesday 17 May 2017, in London.

The event will share practical case studies and learning, and will support participants to consider:

  • Understanding user needs
  • How to involve users at each step of information resource development
  • How to involve disadvantaged groups, and/or go beyond talking to the most engaged users
  • Taking a co-production approach
  • Different methods for engaging and seeking feedback from users

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