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'What's the problem?'

Playful and creative conversations with children, youngsters and adults

A 1-day workshop with Sabine Vermeire, Willem Beckers, Kris Decraemer and Mieke Faes.

From Interactie-Academie, Antwerp, Belgium.

Introducing Mister Super Spider Cool Dude dressed in Batmanclothes, The LP in my head, The Tearmonster, The Tom & Jerry affair, The Black Cloud, The Zeitgeist, The Wall of ideals and the many stories that are connected with them!

Therapists, psychologists, social workers, counsellors,… sometimes we get confronted with the limits of our regular conversations with our clients. At the same time, it seems that in case of serious problems, we are only allowed to speak and think in a serious, strict way. Some clients aren’t that verbal and can feel intimidated by the flood of words. Our questions sound like interrogations or analyses or attempts to re-educate, turning our conversations into a dance where nothing new happens. For these kind of deadlocks, the introduction of alternative languages (images, actions, drama) and materials unfold new possibilities.

In this workshop we offer a basket full of alternative and playful ways to talk about problems, dilemma’s, initiatives, responses to difficulties, local knowledge and skills. Through these different languages children, youngsters and adults get reconnected with what is valuable in their life and with who matters to them. Alternative and creative ways of working will open up different conversations to narrate stories and experiences, creating intriguing ways to explore our relations with the problems or constraints in our lives. Surprising ideas and pathways can be discovered!

Together with this workshop, we will also present the book ‘What’s the problem?’ that we created through playful conversations with our clients. We hope to meet you one of those days!

Sabine, Willem, Kris and Mieke are narrative and systemic inspired psychotherapists working at The Interactie-Academie in Antwerp, Belgium. They specialise in working with children, youngsters, adults, couples and families within marginalized positions, using creative and playful ways when speaking becomes difficult. The combination of working as psychotherapists, trainers, supervisors and authors creates a rich cross-pollination for their ongoing journey to offer counterweight for fixed, dominant and problem saturated stories.  London: April 27th 2018
Fee: £110 + VAT
(20% discount for self-funders)

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