15th April to 10th June 2019: EXhiBitIon opEn 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. eVery dAy (Not baNk HolIdaYs)


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Title Day Date Time Location Details
Inspiring Islington Exhibition

Friday Until 04/06/19 10am - 5pm (Weekdays) Islington Museum An exhibition exploring the stories of people who have created change in Islington. Portraits by Kimi Gill, from the Islington Faces blog by Nicola Baird.
Film Triple-Bill showing on Holloway Prison

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Tuesday 16/04/2019 6.30pm Resource for London From the Echoes of Holloway Prison project: Showcasing three films exploring different aspects of the prison before and after closure.
Journey to Justice Islington Press Launch

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Thursday 18/04/2019 5pm - 8pm Resource for London A chance for the press and public to view the JtoJ exhibition and meet people who have worked together to bring it to Islington.
Messy play with Islington Faces for under 5s Thursday 25/04/2019 10am - 11.30pm Islington Museum Come and explore Islington's many stories at this creative messy play.
Chat and Cake: Living your best life in Islington

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Saturday 27/04/2019 2.30pm - 4.30pm Islington Museum Chat and cake with Merium Bhuiyan, Sheri Lawal and Flora Williamson. How can women of all ages live their best life in Islington? Useful tips about life, work and ways to boost our communities.
Walk: Islington Activists

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Monday 29/04/2019 11am - 12.30pm Islington Town Hall Walk in the footsteps of Islington activists from those fighting against apartheid to the battle for LGBTQ+ rights.
CANDI Does Spoken Word 1

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Tuesday 30/04/2019 12pm - 1pm CANDI, Camden Road Site CANDI students express their experiences through spoken word -of living in Islington, the good, the bad and the fun.
Knife crime and young people in Islington

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Tuesday 30/04/2019 4.30pm - 6pm Resource for London A panel on knife crime and its effects on the young people of Islington organised by students from CANDI.
Layers of London Tutorial

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Thursday 02/05/2019 2pm - 3pm (core session) / 4.30pm Resource for London Learn how to add your stories of activism in Islington to a digital map "Layers of London".
CANDI Does Spoken Word 2

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Friday 03/05/2019 1pm - 2pm Resource for London CANDI students express their experiences through spoken word -of living in Islington, the good, the bad and the fun
Storytelling for under 5s Friday 10/05/2019 Session 1:
Session 2: 10.45am-11:30am
Islington Museum Hear the stories behind activists in Islington and explore how they made a difference with our storyteller, Dani. Arrive early to get a place.
Workshop: Write for Islington Faces

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Saturday 11/05/2019 2pm - 4pm Islington Museum Write your own or your neighbour’s life story. Join Nicola Baird, author of popular local blog 'Islington Faces' to learn how to interview and write about people's inspiring lives.
Journey to Justice Islington: Train the Trainers

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Monday 13/05/2019 5.30pm - 8pm Resource for London An opportunity to experience the Journey to Justice approach to human rights education – inspiring action for social justice through stories, history & the arts. We shall use stories with resonance for young learners and explore social justice through music and performance. Who is it for? People working with young people or adults in education, alternative provision, community, social work, museum, faith-based, health, music, arts and other settings.
Talk, ‘Protest! A History of Holloway Prison’ with Roz Currie

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Wednesday 15/05/2019 6.30pm Resource for London Roz Currie explores the story of the prison through protests inside and outside and about the prison itself. From the suffragettes to the fight for what happens next on the site.
Walk: Activist Islington, Holloway Road

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Sunday 19/05/2019 11am - 1pm Islington Town Hall Upper Street walking tour visiting key radical sites.
Messy play for under 5s Thursday 23/05/2019 11am - 11.30pm Islington Museum Explore activism and protest in the borough at this creative messy play.
Workshop: Get Focussed - Taking Portraits

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Saturday 25/05/2019 2pm - 4.30pm Islington Museum Learn how to take a portrait at this photo workshop with Islington Faces’ photographer Kimi Gill. Bring your camera/phone.
Journey to Justice Islington: Legacy Event

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Tuesday 04/06/2019 2pm - 3.30pm Resource for London Layers of London: How to continue the legacy of Journey to Justice Islington through ongoing programming. Also hear about the plans to create a Centre of Memory at Penton Street (former ANC London HQ).
Being Jewish in Britain - Journeys to Justice

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Tuesday 04/06/2019 6.30pm - 8.30pm Resource for London Carrie Supple and Henry Stewart host hosts a discussion on Being Jewish in Britain - Journeys to Justice: History, the Arts and Social Change.
Journey to Justice Islington: Celebration!

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Thursday 06/06/2019 5pm - 9pm Resource for London An evening of live music, special guests and much more to celebrate Journey to Justice Islington
Echoes of Holloway Prison Community Sharing Event

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Friday 07/06/2019 10am - 4pm West Library Echoes of Holloway Prison - an event to learn more about the Islington Museum project