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Is the catering booked and paid via Resource for London?
Catering at Resource for London is provided by Cooks and Partners. Orders need to be booked and invoiced via Cooks and Partners, separately from you’re event booking. We have an exclusivity contract with Cooks and Partners therefore no food or drinks can be brought from other caterers. However attendees can bring their own individual packed lunch.

Is any equipment included in the room hire rate?
Resource for London provides a wide range of equipment for hire with your booking. We charge separately for room hire equipment. Click here for further details. We also permit organisers to use their own equipment if they so wish.

Can I book in the evenings or weekends?
Yes, we have evening bookings between 18:00-21:30. We also take booking in the weekends and the booking slots are (09:00-12:30 13:30-17:00 for half a day or 09:00-17:00 for a full day). Evenings are charged as half day slot of the room required + a flat fee of £120+VAT.