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Book Launch! OYINBO CAME TO AFRICA By Dele Ogun


This book tells the story, with beautiful illustrations, of how Europeans and Arabs came to Africa, from mid-15th century onwards with their religions and model of civilisation, and how this changed the African way of life. It covers the arrival of Islam and Christianity; the Slave Trade and Abolition; Colonisation and Decolonisation; Africa’s centrality to the First and Second World Wars; Democracy and Military Coups.

Though the book is deep in what it covers the reading is light and so it is suitable for all ages. If you loved the book "A FATHERLESS PEOPLE" you will love this. If you hate to read, worry no more, the exciting illustrations tell the story even more powerfully than words.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dele Ogun is a lawyer and a member of the Society of Authors.

LIMITED SEATING Admission strictly by guest list

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