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How to Avoid Climate Breakdown by New Internationalist

How to Avoid Climate Breakdown by New Internationalist

Grassroots organisations like Extinction Rebellion have done a fantastic job of getting the climate emergency into the public consciousness, and with recent polls showing a surge in concern about climate change in the UK, there’s another, urgent piece of work that needs to done: educating people as to where the real answers to this crisis might lie. In the May-June 2019 issue of New Internationalist, we told a story about the ideas and actions – social, economic and political – that can get us out of this mess and preserve a habitable planet. In it, we make the case for ‘conditional optimism’. We believe we can still avoid the worst of climate change because we see the tools and movements emerging to help us tackle it and bring about the system change that’s needed.

So join us to discuss the genuine, transformative solutions to climate change as our panel consider the scale of change that’s needed, what has not worked and why, and how we can move from ideas to action.

Speakers include:

Alice Bell - 10:10

Hazel Healy - New Internationalist