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DSC Training Courses

Our charity training equips you with the latest techniques and practical guidance, giving you the confidence to get back to your work and make a real difference for those you're there for.

Wednesday 7 March – Finance for Non-Finance Managers

Do your eyes glaze over at even the slightest mention of financial information? It’s something which a lot of us can admit to, but understanding your organisations finances can vastly improve the way you work. This simple to understand course will help demystify those columns of figures and teach you the basics of financial reporting, obligations, budgets, cash, profit and loss.

Thursday 8 March – Business and Strategic Planning

This course will show you how to create an effective business or strategic plan for your organisation. You’ll learn how to think strategically, beat common problems and lots of practical business planning techniques. You’ll leave ready to create a plan guaranteed to succeed.

Thursday 13 March – Writing for Impact

This course will help you write well, whether you need to influence, inspire or inform. You’ll find out how to use narratives, examples and human interest to bring your text to life.  You’ll also compile a toolkit of techniques that you can apply to personal writing tasks in your own organisation.

Thursday 15 March – Communicating to Influence

Come to this course to explore how people’s minds work, how to appeal to others’ styles and give a clear and effective message – and how you can influence people positively.

Wednesday 21 March – NEW – Elevating your Governance: Applying the Charity Governance Code

How ready are you to apply the new Charity Governance Code – the current standard of effective governance? This course is ideal for all trustees who want a good understanding of their roles, duties and responsibilities.  All trustees need to understand the principles set out in the Charity Governance Code and how the Code applies to their current governance practices.

Wednesday 21 March – NEW – Achieving High Governance Performance through Diversity

Principle 6 of the Charity Governance Code states “the board’s approach to diversity supports its effectiveness, leadership and decision making”. This course will support boards as they develop, review or update their diversity objectives and diversify the makeup of the board.

Thursday 22 March – Personal Power in Leadership: Creating the Climate for Success

This practical course takes you through the mind-set you need to lead a team, helping you to create your own distinctive leadership style that empowers and inspires the people you work with.

Friday 23 March – Moving into Management

Making the transition from led to leader can be tough. This course will explore some of the issues involved in making the transition from staff to manager, examine what is expected of people with a management role and responsibilities, and identify qualities and actions which make an effective manager.

Tuesday 27 – Wednesday 28 March – Practical Project Management (ILM endorsement available)

This course introduces every aspect of good project management, including planning, budgets, people management, measuring and demonstrating success, plus much more. You’ll leave the course with the confidence to begin managing your own small projects, or to manage better those you are already involved with.

Wednesday 28 March – Increasing Corporate Support and Sponsorship

You’ll learn to distinguish between different types of corporate support and sponsorship, how to ask in the right way depending who you are approaching, and pinpointing what the corporate wants out of the relationship too. This course will increase your confidence in creating long lasting relationships with corporates.