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Central Conference Consultants - Creating Dementia Friendly Services

With increasing life expectancy, the number of older people with dementia is set to rise. Many older people with dementia find themselves enjoying a poor quality of life over which they have no influence. Typically, people with dementia experience increasing isolation, barriers to involvement in the wider community, and increased reliance on other people. Those from Minority Ethnic, Gypsy and Traveller communities experience an even greater dislocation as their clearest memories reflect their early culture and life experiences, but their surroundings do not.

How can this trajectory be altered in a positive way, which goes beyond ‘dementia awareness’?

All organisations which work with older people, their families and carers have the ability to turn their service from dementia-insensitive to dementia-friendly. Creating dementia-friendly services will share research and practice based findings, and the experiences of initiatives which have taken a fresh approach to dementia.

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