Resource for London provides an ideal environment for conferences, seminars, exhibitions, AGMs, meetings, training and interviews.

It offers great flexibility with 16 meeting rooms of all sizes that can be tailored to meet your needs. Seating will be laid out to suit your requirements and a full range of equipment is available, as well as our excellent catering facilities.

The Centre is open to both the voluntary and private sectors; the voluntary sectors benefit from subsidised hire charges; Please see the links below for full details of costs:

Private organisation rates

Private Rates 2017.jpg

Please click here for a printable private sector rate card.

Volunatary organisation rates

Voluntary Rates 2017.jpg

Please click here for a printable voluntary sector rate card.

Guide to times available

Full day    9.00-5.00
Half day    9.00-12.30 or 1:30-5.00

Full day    9.00-5.00
Half day    9.00-1.00 or 1.30-5.30    

For evenings booking charges (18:00-21:30), please contact us directly.