Exhibition space events

"Instruments and Secrets"
24th February - 31stAugust, 10:00am-4:00pm:

This is the fifth solo exhibition of photographer Hassan Nezamian's exquisite and haunting black and white images centering on traditional music instruments from Iran. The project was undertaken in memory of an Iranian maestro musician. To order any of the photos on display please contact 07580 175 119 or email iman.nezamian@yahoo.com.

"Freedom from Torture"
20th June - 31st August, 10:00am-4:00pm

“We have all had different experiences but for me the worst, worst, worst thing I have come across is to be an asylum seeker in this country” (“Souvenirs”, 2013) - This is a shocking thing to hear from a survivor of torture and former child soldier, but the words, spoken by a Write to Life member in our play “Souvenirs”, have been echoed by many other Freedom from Torture clients. 

All kinds of hardship beset Freedom from Torture clients and other asylum seekers, often including years of limbo when they get up every single day not knowing if today they will be allowed to stay, or be sent back to the people who tortured them.
But an equal or even greater burden is the constant struggle just to stay afloat on the tiny sums of money disbursed to them by the UK government. For their latest project Freedom From Torture have compiled an “A-Z” of the results of this poverty, the resulting work was recorded as podcasts and uploaded to the Freedom from Torture website as well as being turned into a performance piece.

Since 1985 Freedom from Torture has been the only charity in the UK solely dedicated to the treatment and supporter of torture survivors who seek refuge here. The Open Art Studio at Freedom From Torture has been running since 2005. 

This exhibition is part of Resource for London’s “Enhance Project” supported by the City Bridge Trust.

Holloway Art Lending Library
1st January - 31st December 2016, 10:00am-4:00pm:

Promoting the work of local people, Holloway Art Library have a display at Resource for London of art work which can be loaned. For more information about viewings or if you are interested in lending any of the picture(s) on display please contact 07541 841 414 or email info@artlending.org.uk.