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Witnessing resistance to “trauma” and interpersonal & political violence; a social justice approach A workshop with Vikki Reynolds

London, Manchester and Edinburgh, October 2018

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In this experiential workshop Vikki presents an alternative approach to work with ‘trauma’, from an ethical stance for justice-doing, which focuses on the resistance of victims of violence and oppression. This is as opposed to attending primarily to the details of the trauma, which can be re-traumatizing for both the person and the front-line worker. Resisting the neutral and medicalized language of ‘trauma’, we will name rape culture, torture and political violence, poverty and other systemic contexts of social injustice that are often hidden in individualized talk. Honouring the wisdom of the people we work alongside in their resistance to abuses of power brings forward their agency and wisdom. Locating sites of resistance, and witnessing the resistance capacities of the people we work alongside, can create identities of knowledge, autonomy and strength, as opposed to victim/survivor identities, or other spoiled identities.

Workshop participants will:

·         Engage in  practice examples of a witnessing approach to work with people who have suffered violence, and look at the questions and dialogues that bring forward the person’s resistance, wisdom, knowledges, courage…;

·         Consider alternative understandings of ‘trauma’, including seeing PTSD as a potential site of resistance;

·         Locate problems of ‘trauma’ in the social world where we have not delivered on a ‘just’ society;

·         Explore their own acts of resistance against power-over and domination;

·         Learn how to structure safety for therapeutic conversations as a foundation of the work;

·         Develop witnessing practices that offer new meanings of traumatic past events;

·         Participate in a Solidarity Group practice that resists ‘vicarious trauma’ and ‘burn out’ in our work and enacts “shouldering each other up” in solidarity with collective care.

You can find many free articles and keynotes on Vikki’s website,

London:                     October 1st & 2nd 2018

Manchester:               October 4th & 5th 2018

Edinburgh:                October 8th 2018

 2-day attendance - £200 + VAT

1-day attendance - £110 + VAT

 It is possible to attend the first day of the two day workshop on its own, but it is not possible to attend the second day on its own.

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